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Get Motivated to Move More

lady excited she is working outWhen you have a chiropractic adjustment, the goal is to work on your body’s structure. I’ll talk to you about how your problems were caused and what we can do to correct them, as well as how we can achieve your goals.

The majority of people want to be able to do the things they love. That might be as varied as going for a run, playing with the kids or traveling during your golden years. Whatever your particular desired outcomes are, we’ll work with you on them.

The true key to being able to participate in your chosen activities is to have a functional body. If you don’t, you’ll slowly begin to break down and be unable to enjoy life as much as you could.

You simply have to get moving.

“But how? I’m not in shape.”

A lot of people simply think their capabilities are far too limited to get up and get moving, let alone have any kind of regular exercise on their schedule.

Think about what you like to do or what you used to enjoy. Was it biking? Swimming? Hiking? Taking walks around the neighborhood?

Do that, but scale it back to what’s appropriate for you right now. For example, you might go to a swimming pool and float in the water for a time before trying a slow breaststroke the length of the pool a single time. The next time, you might be able to swim back. Or you may only be able to take a walk around the block for 5 minutes before you’re out of breath. But the next day, shoot for 6 minutes and keep increasing it each day.

The Added Benefits of Movement

If you’re in pain, it might be interesting for you to connect your exercise with feeling better. Did you know that for every pound of weight you lose, 5 pounds of pressure is removed from your back? That means if you lose just 5 pounds, your back no longer has 25 added pounds of pressure on it. What a tremendous difference that can make in your recovery!

Make It a Habit

It’s said that 30 days of a time investment is what’s required to form a habit. Exercise should be done in a 30-day increment, even if you start with 5 minutes on Day One. Keep going until you reach that 30-day mark, then reevaluate. You might be amazed at how your function has changed for the better!

And remember, keeping your chiropractic appointments and care going is key to feeling good so you can continue to do all the things you want to do. Plus, we’ll keep you accountable by discussing your exercise or giving you helpful tips at each of your visits.

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